Domiciliary or community care - fhs24

Live-in Care

As much as we love our family members there comes a time when we all have to leave the caring to professionals so that their families can continue to live their day to day lives knowing that their loved one is being looked after.

At FHS24 we make this possible by providing you with experienced, highly trained and empathetic live-in carers who can look after your loved ones in their own homes.

We provide access to our care Management system to the authorised member of the family to enable them to track the care being provided to their loved one in real time. We also offer community support such as sitting service, waking nights and sleep-ins in your own home.

Sitting Service

Our support staffs can put together an activity plan with the support of the client and their family. This will help in giving members of the family a well-deserved break from caring for their vulnerable loved ones and a chance to channel their focus on other commitments of their own lives. There is nothing wrong with having a break and re-charge in order to carry out your role with a fresh mind.

Our commitment is focused on empowering people and families and ensuring that individuals receive the right care in the right place.

Waking Nights

To ensure peace of mind and for you to sleep easy we can provide you with care staff to support your vulnerable family member who needs support at night.


We have professional care staffs who are happy to sleep at the client’s home, so they are available to support when necessary and if there is an emergency that needs urgent attention.

If you’re looking for staffing support to help fill a single shift, multiple shifts or if your requirement is more regular, FHS24 is here to support you.