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Some UK Lockdown Measures Will Be Eased From Next Week – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has indicated that some elements of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown could be eased on monday, as he faced a grilling from Sir Keir Starmer at PMQs for the first time over “rising” deaths in care homes and the government’s initial abandonment of contact-tracing.

The Prime Minister said he would address the nation on Sunday in which he will detail the next steps for ending the coronavirus lockdown.

He then added that he wants to “get going with some of the lockdown easing measures on Monday”.

Earlier today Health Secretary Matt Hancock answered the public’s questions about what’s next for the UK.

During the Sky News appearance he said that there is no evidence to suggest coronavirus is a man-made virus. He also added that, there is “no guarantee” that a vaccine will be found, adding that the UK may need to “find a way to live with the virus”.

Fears have also been raised that “malicious” fake alerts could be generated by the new NHS contact-tracing app, adding to prior concerns about users’ privacy and whether the app will even be usable. It is being trialled on the Isle of Wight, initially by health workers and by the general population from tomorrow.

Overnight reports emerged that Rishi Sunak was mulling an end, or at least a tapering-off, of the government’s furlough scheme, in July. More than 6 million workers are currently furloughed.

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